Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clubpenguin Puffles!

The commimg puffle!

Who is coming next???? THE BROWN PUFFLE! The brown puffle will be grumpy just like the black one! So it is very cool! It will cost 800 and it will be for members only! Sorry i cant say any more because i dont know what it will like because it hasent came out yet! Thats all the information clubpenguin has told me!

Club penguins gone GREEN

The green puffle: costs 800 coins! He is only for member penguins! He loves to fly! He made the flying hat! So thanks to the green puffle club penguin penguins can now fly!

Club penguin GRUMPY puffle!

Club penguin Black puffle: You can tell by the color that it is gonna be grumpy! But this one is a skater puffle!!!! The black puffle is the grumpyest but it loves to skate bording!!! The black puffle is 800 coins and it is only for member penguins!

Club penguins newest puffle!

THE CUTE CUDDLY WHITE PUFFLE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one thought it was gonna be the rainbow puffle!!!! But NO it was the white one!! Who can freaze air!!! The white puffle costs 800 coins just like any other puffle but the white puffle is just for members!

Clubpenguin Pink puffle

The pink puffle: The pink puffle is a loveble puffle who loves trampolines! Her favirot game is Aqua grabber! So she will play aqua grabber and she will protecte dyou and give you air bubbles when you are low on air! The pink puffle costs 800 just like all the other puffles but the pink puffle is only for member penguins!

Clubpenguin Blue puffle

The blue puffle: The blue puffle costs 800 just like any other puffle! But the blue puffle is for any penguin to buy member or not! The blue puffle does not play any clubpenguin game with your puffle but his favirot toy is a ball so he will play with a ball!